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NFL predictions 2014

NFL predictions 2014

Well folks the time for busy Sundays are upon us yet again!!!  The NFL this season is packed with storyline after storyline.  Johnny Football how will he perform?  Can Michael Sam land on a roster?  Will the Seahawks successfully defend the Lombardi trophy?  Will Peyton repeat as MVP? As always what will the Cowboys do?  The league is just abundant with stories.  But those will be discussed at another time.  Now is the time for my first ever annual NFL predictions, read, listen, compare and feel free to argue when you see me!!!   I will start with our very own NFC North.

*Teams predicted in order from first to last.



Green Bay Packers – The Packers have a tough schedule this year, really no easy games on their schedule.  However Rodgers, Lacy and a slightly improved defense will give Green bay the edge over Chicago in the NFC North.  This team will have a chance to compete for a berth to Phoenix for the Superbowl.  As always health could be a factor with this team.  Specifically the offensive line, and the injury prone Clay Matthews.  2014 prediction 11-5

Chicago Bears - The Bears at the skill level positions (WR, RB, TE) on offense are as good as any team in the NFL.  However the Bears have completely forgot how to play defense.  Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker will be the first coaching causality of the season if the defense doesn’t show any improvement.  IF Cutler keeps his turnovers down and the defense once again remembers how to tackle, this could be a very dangerous team.  2014 prediction 10-6

Detroit Lions – The front office of the Lions finally decided to jettison their trouble making Coach Jim Schwartz who seemed more concerned about inciting his players to fight as opposed to going out and winning games.  Instead, they bring in Jim Caldwell who is nothing more than an Offensive coordinator.  The Lions will be the same old Lions from 2013, high powered offense average defense and will continue to find ways to lose.  2014 prediction 8-8

Minnesota Vikings – Clearly a team rebuilding.  Don’t you wish they would just trade AP? What a waste of a great career.  Anyhow back to the forecast.  The Vikings had one of the best drafts this year and should be slightly improved with a Teddy Bridgewater at QB and a stud LB named Anthony Barr out of UCLA.  Mike Zimmer is a good coach and this team will make strides under his tutelage.  Teddy, AP, and Patterson will squeeze a few wins.  2014 prediction 6-10



Philadelphia Eagles – I’m shocked at quickly Chip Kelly’s offense has taken off in the NFL.  The Eagles are loaded on offense.  Shady McCoy, Nick Foles, Macklin and a newly added Darren Sproles will make the Eagles the clear favorite in the NFC East.  The Eagles will pile up wins against a conference that is clearly down.  2014 prediction 12-4

Dallas Cowboys – Not much to be happy about down in Jerry’s world.  Dez Bryant will continue to be a stud one minute and a baby the next.  Tony Romo is a good Quarterback who has been stuck on what is annually an underachieving football team.  The defense is still bad, nothing really to discuss here.  2014 prediction 8-8

Washington Redskins – The Skins actually have a good defense, but RG3 is a fraud people and 2014 will be the year that this is confirmed.  A great self-promoter RG3 has seen his best days and was actually outplayed by backup Kirk Cousins (remember him Badger fans??)In preseason – keep an eye on this during the year.  The Skins defense will keep them somewhat competitive but just don’t have enough.  More gang signs by Desean Jackson will be the highlight.  2014 prediction 6-10

New York Giants – Whew this is a bad football team.  Eli Manning has always been the type of player that plays according to his surrounding talent level, if he has a good team he’ll take you far, and if he has a bad team he’ll lead you into the gutter.  2014, Eli is headed for the gutter, keep driving nothing to see here.   Quick note if he’s healthy WR Odell Beckham will make a few plays 2014 prediction 4-12


NFC South

New Orleans Saints – This team is on the rise once again.  Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham and an outstanding draft on offense and defense the Saints will again be the toast of NFC South.  Did I mention their home field advantage?  No one wants to play in the Superdome during the playoffs; the Saints will be a force this season.  2014 prediction 11-5

Carolina Panthers – Boy if this team could just get Cam Newton some talent on offense.  Defensively as good as any team in the NFL, they just can’t score.  Also this team is facing some distractions off the field with Greg Hardy and his pending suspension for his best Ray Rice impression.  2014 prediction 10-6

Tampa Bay Bucs – Lovie Smith will help this team immensely on defense, they have some playmakers Bowers, Gerald McCoy.  However, Josh McCown will not be able to recreate the success he had last year, Mike Evans will help but he won’t be enough. 2014 prediction 9-7

Atlanta Falcons – This will be Mike Smith’s last year coaching the Falcons, this team is on the decline fast.  Matt Ryan is a good quarterback but is a statue in the pocket, with no ability to extend plays he will be Matt Schaub in a few years.  Jones and White can’t help a stiff Quarterback with zero pass rush, the Flacons will struggle.  2014 prediction 5-11


NFC West

Seattle Seahawks – I don’t really need to speak on Seattle really do I? Majority of the starters back from a title team, the 12th man.  I won’t discuss any further.  2014 prediction 13-3

San Francisco 49ers – My first instinct is forecast a bad season for this team due to all of the distractions that is going on with the players.  However the roster when at full strength is just too strong.  All-Pro talent on both sides of the ball with a good coach makes the niners always a threat to get to the big game the niners will find a way to be good again.  2014 prediction 10-6

Arizona Cardinals – Strong defensively, nothing offensively, a recurring theme with the teams in this conference minus SF.  The best thing about this team is watching Patrick Peterson and the honey badger run around.  2014 prediction 9-7

St. Louis Rams – See Arizona minus the honey badger and Patrick Peterson.  Losing Bradford will be too big of a blow, Jeff Fisher is one of the game’s best, and he’ll coach them to a few wins.  2014 prediction 6-10


AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals – Marvin Lewis is the lucky man in the world, no playoff victories in 11 years.  Amazing that he still has a job!! On the bright side, he has one of the best rosters in football, an elite WR in AJ Green and a stud defense.  The question here is Andy Dalton, he just got paid but can he deliver in the playoffs?  I say he will.  Marvin Lewis stays on as coach. 2014 prediction 10-6

Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Tomlin speaks like he’s in control but is he really?  This team has regressed yearly since losing to Green Bay in the 2010 Super Bowl.  The Steelers once has a calling card of strong defense and a stout running game.  Now, they have both RB’s getting high on the way to the team flight.  Big Ben was once considered an elite QB now he is considered a tier 2 QB.  I don’t expect much from this team.  2014 prediction 9-7

Cleveland Browns – The most “annoying” team in the league is yes third in the division.  Johnny Manziel doesn’t impress me, extremely short in stature and not as fast running with the ball on the pro level, Hoyer isn’t much better.  Without Josh Gordon (league suspension) and a viable running game this team will struggle.  The only bright spot?  They have a very good secondary.  2014 prediction 7-9

Baltimore Ravens – See the Steelers! Except trade the drugs for domestic violence.  Ray Rice is the big distraction for this team, the good thing for them is that his suspension is only two games.  Joe Flacco is overrated, but you can win with him if he has weapons.  He doesn’t... Long year for the Ravens.  2014 prediction 6-10


AFC East

New England Patriots – No one’s talking about it, but this team is loaded on defense.  Revis, Browner, McCourty, Mayo, and big Vince will make for some miserable offenses.  IF Gronk can stay healthy the Pats can go far, VERY far.  Brady and Bill should never be counted it out, the NFL version of San Antonio Spurs.  2014 prediction 12-4

New York Jets – Rex Ryan has a good defense once he can get secondary healthy, the ground and pound offense may get a little faster with big addition RB Chris Johnson from Tennessee, but not enough from Geno Smith.  Rex Ryan press conferences will be the highlight again this season.  2014 prediction 9-7

Miami Dolphins – Not much here to write about, this is a very average team who plays in a weak division, they squeeze some wins out due to familiar competition, but that’s it.  2014 prediction 7-9

Buffalo Bills – I like the Watkins kid he’s my pick for AFC Offense Rookie of the year stud WR from Clemson for those who don’t know…But you will at some point. EJ Manuel is like a robot in the pocket, stiff and telegraphs his throws he’ll be benched as soon as the Bills find a replacement.  Tough year for the Bills.  2014 prediction 5-11


AFC South

Indianapolis Colts –Their drunken owner will not be a distraction, QB Andrew Luck will continue to develop, and he’s going to be a good one people.  A student of the game, he is the prototype classic pocket passing QB and he has functional mobility.  He has a few weapons they will win games in the leagues worse division.  2014 prediction 11-5

Houston Texans – Bad team.  However defensive ends J.J .Watt and Jadevon Clowney will be fun to watch!!  They will easily make the best duo in the league and strike fear into the hearts of QB’s.  That’s where it stops for this team.  2014 prediction 7-9

Tennessee Titans – Some believe that Titans will be a dark horse team this year, I struggled to rank them higher than the Jags.  Not a Jake Locker fan.  Not much on defense.  I’m done speaking on this team.  2014 prediction 6-10

Jacksonville Jaguars -  Blake Bortles looks like the truth, too bad most of his receiving core is suspended.  We won’t see his excellence until 2016, let’s move on.  2014 prediction 5-12


AFC West

Denver Broncos – I’m torn with this team.  I know they are by far the best team in the AFC West, but at the time of my writing this Wes Welker is suspended by NFL for PED’s.  Tough schedule and a few distractions they will struggle early on.  Peyton is still Peyton, if CB Aqib Talib and DE Demarcus Ware perform, they will still win???? 2014 prediction 12-4

Kansas City Chiefs – QB Alex Smith just got paid, but the results will remain the same. This is an average football team who overachieved last year in my opinion.  I believe this will stay the same.  RB Jamaal Charles and S Eric Berry are studs, but this team is average.  2014 prediction 9-7

San Diego Chargers – See the Chiefs.  Bright spot Phillip Rivers can play and Gates still has it but not much here.  2014 prediction 8-8

Oakland Raiders – I like Derek Carr as QB.  But I’m not even going waste my time speaking on the Raiders.  2014 prediction 4-12


Playoff predictions

NFC playoff teams: GB, CHI, SF, NO, SEA, PHI

NFC Title game: SF vs GB

NFC Champ: SF



AFC Title game: NE vs DEN

AFC Champ: New England


Super bowl: SF vs NE

Super bowl winner: New England


NFL MVP:  Aaron Rodgers

NFC offensive player of the year: Aaron Rodgers

AFC offensive player of the year: Peyton Manning


NFL Coach of the year: Sean Payton


NFC offensive ROY: Brandin Cooks WR New Orleans

NFC defensive ROY: Anthony Barr LB Minnesota Vikings


AFC offensive ROY: Bishop Shankey RB Tennessee Titans

AFC defensive ROY: Khalil Mack/Jadevon Clowney LB, DE Raiders/Texans